Introduction to ChocoDoge

Are you somebody who appreciates entertainment while also seeking passive returns with a high yield rate? Well, you have come to the right place!
Simply put, ChocoDoge is an NFT Gamefi project on Dogechain. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. We also offer Defi products with attractive profit margins, ensuring the project’s long-term stability and financial security for our investors.
To concentrate on growing and innovating the project, we implement a system that can automatically increase and regulate the token supply to match the current needs, while maintaining a relatively stable value for the ecosystem's universal payment method.

What are Seigniorage Stablecoins exactly?

Stablecoins provide investors and users with vital stability in the turbulent crypto market, particularly in the Defi sector.
Currency-linked stablecoins are pegged to 1 USD that are reserved with centralized third parties — a notion that contradicts the fundamental concept of the world's first cryptocurrency, whose primary goal was to build an untouchable, decentralized monetary system.
Innovative algorithmic currencies keep an eternally constant value by the use of unique algorithms and codes that alter their total quantity and do not need a reserve to maintain their basic value.
Because this is a fair-launch project, there will not be any original investors, venture capitalists, private sales, or seed sales. The money for game development will come from several sources, including taxes, protocol methods, and cooperation with other projects.

What is the difference? And how do we avoid the Death Spiral?

Traditional yield farming projects rely on the users’ confidence in their potential. And if anything goes wrong (either subjectively or objectively), a snowball effect will ensue, causing the protocol to lose its appeal and ultimately collapse.
The common theme among most GameFi projects is that they rely on a model to guarantee their big investors/venture capitals can break even ASAP (and thus gain their trust, leading to more money for the development). More often than not, this results in quick dumping once the vesting phase begins, leaving the users and latecomers behind.
Sometimes, the pre-mint/pre-sale amount is so significant that it crashes the whole economic structure of the game. The big investors/venture capitalists leave with their earnings while the developers and the players are stuck with a crippled, unfinished game with no more development funding.


In terms of security, we will be audited by the market leaders to assure the security of the smart contracts and to protect users from potential risks. A bug bounty program will also be implemented. Should you discover any bugs, especially those about security exploits and vulnerabilities, please feel free to reach out to us via [email protected].
As for the tech, we will integrate a time lock feature. This implies that several epochs (four in our case) will pass before any changes can be made to the smart contract. The Masterchef address will not include a mint or a withdraw function.
Regarding transparency, all information about the project, including technical specifications, the address of the smart contract, and the tax percentage, is available in the project's documentation at docs.chocodoge.dog. Important changes will also be announced through our official social media outlets.

Project Growth

We are committed to not chasing profits or impractical metrics like big TVL or unreasonable APR. The goal throughout the development process is a sustainable protocol, appropriate ROI, and safety.
With a game studio mindset, most of the profits from the protocol will go to support game development.
We strictly follow the developmental milestones outlined in the roadmap and organize events and incentive programs to help promote our products.
As the first GameFi project to utilize the Seigniorage Stablecoin Algorithm on Dogechain, we are committed to always observing and refining the economy in our ecosystem to avoid the loss of control over inflation, the main downfall of most Gamefi projects on the market.


The growth of a community depends on how well we can understand and execute the will of the majority. Thus, the protocol will hold regular voting to openly discuss what will be the best for our ecosystem.
Users can support us by suggesting suitable modifications through social platforms or by directly contacting [email protected].
Regular Incentive Program, Airdrops, and Revenue Sharing Events will be held as a token of our appreciation for your contributions to Chocodoge.
Always do your own research before putting any asset into any project/protocol/fund/venture/etc... DO NOT put your life saving into crypto.
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