APR: Annual Percentage Rate. The interest rate will be earned over the course of a year.
APY: Annual Percentage Yield. The interest rate of APR with compounding.
Burn: A mechanism of token destruction to pump its price. Often be sending the token to a null 0x000...0000 wallets to take it out of circulation.
Epoch: A definite duration that is set depending on each protocol. An epoch lasts 4 hours for ChocoDoge.
LP: Liquidity provider. Users help facilitate token trading by pairing it with another asset (i.e. WDOGE). Allows earning passive income by funding a pool.
Minting: A mechanism of token emission to lower its value or give more access to the users.
USCD: Algorithmic stablecoin whose purpose is to get as close as possible to its $1 peg.
CD: The Share token of ChocoDoge.
USBD: The Bond token of ChocoDoge.
TWAP: Time-weighted average price. For ChocoDoge, the TWAP is taken over the course of a whole epoch (4 hours).