CD HODLers can stake their CD tokens here and earn USCD after each epoch (if $USCD TWAP > $1 USDC). During an expansion, minted USCD will be sent to the BANK to become reward and to the Hedge Fund to support the project operations.
  • Epoch Duration: 4 hours.
  • Any Action will result in a 12-epoch lock on CD withdrawals and a 6-epoch lock on USCD reward claims.
The initial minting rate is 0.15% per epoch and is subjected to changes. Can be voted upon.

How does the BANK work each epoch?

At every new epoch, the BANK will perform a sweep to check for:
  • USCD total supply.
  • USCD market price.
  • CD amount inside the BANK.
The next action of the BANK will depend on the USCD market price:
  • $USCD > $1: A percentage of the total USCD supply is minted and given to users who sent their CD tokens to the BANK based on the percentile of their deposit.
  • $USCD =< $1: USCD printing is halted. USBD token purchase unlocked.

During an expansion cycle ($USCD > $1), the allocation of the BANK rewards will be:

  • The stakers receive 45% of the reward.
  • 55% of the reward will be allocated to the fund for redeeming bonds, incentive programs, and product development, primarily Game.
The Hedge Fund is a community fund with integrated multisig features and can only be used through Voting from CD holders.
The Hedge Fund will turn provide liquidity for the USCD/DOGE LP (18%) and other purposes contributing to the well-being of the ecosystem (the other 82%).

During an expansion cycle ($USCD > $1) that occurs AFTER a contraction cycle ($USCD < $1), the allocation DUNGEON rewards will be:

  • The stakers receive 45% of the reward.
  • 55% of the reward goes to the BOND to assist in swapping USBD to USCD.
Once the BANK finished distributing USCD, it concludes the previous cycle, restarting the countdown.